Thursday, November 30, 2006

Comfort food

I made a big pot of a Olive Garden's Zuppa Toscany soup yesterday....or at least a big pot of my version of it. I use all the same ingredients (though I doubt they use canned potatoes) just maybe not in the same proportions they do. I have a tendency to use as much of something as I have on hand, so I use "the rest of the bag of spinach" and the small pack of sausage and any cut onions already in the fridge and whatever bacon we have leftover. Then I add chicken stock and other stuff until it "looks right" to me. I don't add the cream until I serve a bowl of it though so I can freeze it without worrying about it. A bowl (or 3) of this and some good French bread and I'm set for the night. I also tend to eat it for several days running and when it gets low in the pot, I add more chicken stock. I can stretch it out for a week and live on it. But not tonight! Tonight, my sewing machine has been giving me FITS and I want some curl-up-and-pet-myself food and for me, that happens to be a big bag of Lays and an entire carton of Ranch dip, with a big glass of orange juice. I can hear the gagging from here, but that is my absolute last resort go-to comfort food. And my DH realized I was on the verge of tears earlier after the top thread broke, then the bobbin thread, then the top thread, off he went for his daily trip to the grocery store and that's what he came home with. It was a sweet thing to do without even saying a word to me. He just handed it to me when he got in.

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Rissa said...

You must not do it often...cause you are definitely slim!