Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I've signed up for the National Blog Posting Month thingy. in hopes that it will get me in the habit of posting daily. Well, maybe not daily, but more often than monthly at any rate. I have no clue what I'll post about 30 times this month. Maybe I'll finally get off my duff and do one of those "follow along" tutorials for the next quilt I make. Or maybe I'll just make up crap or natter on about my kids and dogs. We'll see as the month goes along.


Anonymous said...

I'd love to read a "follow along" tutorial. I pretty much post daily about absolutely nothing, but I enjoy doing it. I also enjoy finding out about what others are creating and reading, about their animals, their kids, etc. You can do it, Rhonda!

Lisa said...

I'd enjoy the tutorial also. I like reading about others are doing in their daily lives. That's part of the fun of reading and sharing in blogs, I think. I love seeing what people are working on.