Saturday, December 02, 2006

Oh well....

So much for my daily posting! I skipped yesterday and didn't even realize it. I did manage to get a LOT of stuff done yesterday and today though. It turned off cold here for a day or two and I was expecting to hurt but I've been relatively pain-free this weekend so I've been knocking out some work while I can. Of course, everything that I've accomplished this weekend has to wait to be posted since it's all gifts but I'll get some of it up tomorrow night after they're delivered. I might even remember to get pictures of the stuff this time. It occurred to me as Julie pulled out of the driveway yesterday that I hadn't gotten any pictures of the finished carousel horse quilt. She was thrilled with it so that's good enough. The one picture of it I do have is not a good one, and the colors are way off. She thought it was navy from the picture and it's actually a bright purple.

My oldest daughter is home again this weekend for another funeral of a friend's parent. It's nice having her home but, damn, I hate the reason for it.

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