Sunday, November 26, 2006

No news, thank goodness

A lazy Sunday so far. DH has a HUGE pork roast started for this afternoon since the oldest daughter announced on Friday that that's what we were having today even if she had to buy it herself. She and the BF are in Starkville this morning and will call when they get on the road back to Jackson so her dad can get breakfast started. That's one of the nice things about the kids being gone for the most part. He gets up and fixes a big breakfast every Sunday morning. Even when I'm not hungry, the smell of bacon frying is enough to kick-start my appetite. Of course, the onions and garlic and olive oil he seared the roast with did that before I ever thought about breakfast.

I think Girl Kitty knows she messed up by being gone a week. Either that or someone had her in their house and she couldn't escape. She has not left my side (and my lap) since she showed back up, and she was never one to be held, just petted. She's also very vocal and has talked non-stop since she got back. She even hopped up on the bed this morning to tell me something. I'm still waiting on delivery of my cat-talk decoder ring so I have no idea what she was saying, but it sure sounded important. All I could think of was "Come quick, Timmy is in trouble!" That's a huge change from Gumbo the mime cat who makes no sounds at all. He just opens his mouth and makes the meow movement.

That's Gumbo at the bottom (notice the white mime gloves) waiting for belly rubs, and Girl Kitty (her real name is Canola) at the top, worn out from helping me sew. And Gumbo is sleeping on a WIP quilt too.


joyce said...

They look very much at home. That must interefere a bit with your sewing though! Lol.

Rissa said...

Great cat photos! :-)

Lisa said...

These cat pictures crack me up. Maybe she promised all the way home that if she made it, she'd appreciate how good she has it. :)