Friday, November 10, 2006

November 10 is Forget-me-not day

and my birthday too. The list of bizarre American holidays is pretty funny and it says today is Forget-me-not day.

My DH and youngest daughter took me out to eat tonight and I filled up on sushi with wasabi that was so fresh it was clearing the sinuses of the guy sitting behind me. Won ton, sesame meatballs and coconut shrimp, duck, and egg drop soup. My daughter and my sister spent the afternoon making a homemade carrot cake for me because they called DH and asked what kind I wanted. I have absolutely NO idea why he thought that was it. Maybe the same reason that after 23 years of marriage he forgets that I don't eat chicken. It's not that I MIND carrot cake, it's just not way up there on my favorites list. And my sister absolutely LOADS it with pecans, which I avoid whenever possible. Growing up, when I stayed with my grandmother, her sister owned a pecan farm so they put pecans in everything but spaghetti. It got to the point where I loathed gathering, cracking, shelling, picking, chopping and eating pecans. That dislike has eased a bit over the years and I cook with them occasionally, but rarely eat them. But my daughter spent the time and the energy on doing it. so I will eat it. She even made the cute little orange and green carrots in icing on the top. Or maybe I'll feed a slice or two to the dogs while they're gone during the day and tell her how wonderful it was as it slowly dwindles.

Now, the box of chocolate covered cherries on the other hand, will be gone within an hour of opening them. Those I WILL savor.


Anonymous said...

Perfect holiday for a birthday, don't you think? Your birthday dinner sounds wonderful. Enjoy the chocolates!

Rissa said...

Oh the shame of missing out on your birthday. Happy belated birthday wishes. :-)