Saturday, November 18, 2006

More on the HANDS exhibit

Strolling through the backlog of 15 quiltart digests this morning and I came across a post from Barb Douglas at about the HANDS exhibit. I was totally shocked that out of however many jillions of hands they had, she mentioned mine specifically! She said "One touching story is the workman's glove from hurricane Katrina, holding the FEMA bill, from Louisiana." So unless there were TWO gloves from Katrina submitted, she's referring to mine. And even if she isn't, I'm going to allow myself to believe she is and just assume she misspoke about it being from LA and not MS. Any of you who've read my past hurricane posts know how important it is to me that people not forget. At least in this one instance the glove touched someone enough to remember it months after the fact. I don't think we can ask much more than that from our art, can we? She also has a link to with a slideshow at the top which shows all 4 hands I submitted. They're all together in one picture and they are the 3rd picture after the big hand holding the bird if you want to catch a glimpse of them on a real website. Unless I followed my usual pattern and forgot, I may have pictures of the completed hands and I'll post them shortly if I can find them.
OK, I found them, but I apparently didn't get pictures of JUST the hands. Over look the paint-stained jeans and scraped back hair.

Addendum: Mary Ann Littlejohn has some more pictures of the hands up at
Thank you for doing this Mary Ann. I hated to have to miss out on the trip to Houston to see them for myself.


Ferret said...

Cool hand's they are nothing like I imagined they would be. When I heard about it the only think I could think or was an alien hand and an ape hand, but they didn't seem to be allowed, having seen yours, I wish I had done them anyway.

Lisa said...

I love the hands...and you rock. Look at you. Nice to see who we're talking with here. :)

Rissa said...

Oh, I remember the Katrina hand, workman's glove. :-)