Monday, November 06, 2006

On looking back

Today is my youngest daughter's senior retreat. Each year, the school has us secretly (or not, if they have older siblings they know about it) write letters to the kids about how much we love them and how special they are. It's hard to boil down 17 years into one letter, so we just hit the high points usually. Maybe it's because she is my last one to graduate and I'm sort of looking back at my own last 10 years at that same school, with the same kids they started kindergarten with, and it's harder to let go and realize that THIS IS IT for the kids. The others are already in college, and in 8 more months she will be too. It has been a joy to watch her finally come into her own this year and see her blossom. She's made the honor roll for the first time, and is widening her circle of friends. She also has a lot of the do-her-own-thing attitude her older sister has.

She's a beautiful young lady, and as sweet and compassionate as she is pretty. We are so proud of her and look to forward to seeing what good things she has coming in her life.


Anonymous said...

What a great idea! She's beautiful, Rhonda.

Rissa said...

She is done good! I just can't believe your dog was every that small! :-)

Lisa said...

She is a beautiful girl...and sounds like a lovely person. I have a 17 year old son who will graduate this year and I understand so well the feelings you've described.