Thursday, November 02, 2006

Day 2

Some loose ends first....being as how I'm the smertist woman in the world, my big plans for a follow-along tutorial were for the piece I have planned for Lisa over at groggyfroggy so maybe that idea needs to go on the back burner for a bit. I'll keep the pictures and stuff and just post it later than originally planned.

I am doing several piecemeal (notice I didn't say I was PIECING) quilts for other people right now so I'm forcing myself to not start on any of my own stuff just yet or I'll never get these finished. 2 of them are Aunt Grace fabrics which I loathe beyond words, but they're for the brother of a very good friend. He's developed some serious health problems and was unable to finish the quilts, and not only is his sister my friend, but he sent me absolute MOUNDS of every sort of sewing thing you can imagine. From (several thousand) pins to huge storage tubs of fabrics. It was wonderful and well worth the trade of doing some quilting for him to get the tops finished. Another one is some absolutely beautiful carousel horses in cross-stitch to be assembled for a Christmas present. The gift recipient is actually a friend of my daughter's from high school so I'm happy to do this one too. It will ultimately have a yellow binding and I'm waiting to hear if she is going to let me do a tab top instead of a sleeve. I hope she does since I think it will look better. I notice the colors are crappy on here too. They really aren't in real life. I'll get a better picture and a close up once it's finished.

Side note to blogger: I think there should be a button at the top to automatically insert the "crappy color/picture" disclaimer. Seems like most every blog I read that uses a lot of pictures winds up saying that at some point. Sure would save a lot of typing.

So, once I get these 3 quilts finished (one is completely done and waiting to ship, one still needs to be sandwiched and quilted, but I'm waiting on the name/date block to be embroidered and the one above is down to the final quilting and binding) I have designs in my head for 3 more. For some weird reason, they all involve pianos too. I have no idea what my obsession with pianos is. I don't play, I don't particularly like piano music, I know nothing about them other than what they look like, and yet they keep forcing their way into my work. Maybe I was frightened by a piano as a child. Who knows?

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Lisa said...

It won't bother me a bit if you want to do that. Sounds like fun!

I had to laugh when you made the comment about pictures on blogger. I do see that a lot on blogs that use a lot of pictures. lol

I don't know how you keep up with everything!