Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Forms, photo and check going out tonight for the GSQA show in Baton Rouge, and this is one I'm proud to send.

Ebony and Ivory Blues
Commercial cottons, fiberglass window screen, 'liquid gold' poly fabric, computer printed cotton, beads.

Each element of the quilt is made and quilted separately then assembled. Satin stitch edging on each piece. Free-motion and detail quilting on felt batting.


Tanya Brown said...

This is a marvelous piece, and I'll bet they're going to be darned glad to get it at the show.

I love its designerly qualities, not to mention that your hands don't have leprosy, unlike someone else's I could mention ...

I feel a bit dimwitted, but where on the piece are the beads used? Using the window screen to give a halftone shading effect is very clever. It's making me wonder what other materials might be suitable for that.

Delta said...

My hands are not nearly nice enough looking to use so I had a friend draw his for me. He did a wonderful job on them too.
The beads WILL BE at the top of the keys on the horn. Just 6 bugle beads but I took the pic and wrote the description before I added them.
Other than the screening, which comes in black and grey, try tulle, nylon petticoat netting, sheers, or painted or dyed cheesecloth. All fun effects for shading and shadows.