Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I'm on a roll!

I woke up this morning with this "design" already full-blown in my head. I say "design" because there's nothing original about squares on squares on squares, set on point, even if they are wonky. The one thing I'm going to do that I've never seen before is sew a 1/2" strip in each seam as I piece the blocks together so that a 1/4" free edge shows sort of like lattice work across the top. I don't want to make the edges of the blocks with the seams facing out but I do want the raw edge. The batik quilt I made for my mother with the raw edges came out great after a couple of washings and I liked the effect, so I wanted more raw edge on this one, but not on the rust dyed fabric. The solution to me seemed easy enough by adding my own raw edges and a little color at the same time. This thing is going so fast I may have another picture to post by tomorrow since I know my explanation of what I'm doing is pretty dismal.
And yes, you recognize the fabrics from the one I'm making for myself. Scraps of scraps. Pretty cool way to use fabrics that I absolutely LOVE.

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Lisa said...

Neat! This is going to be beautiful. I enjoyed your New Year's wishes too!