Monday, January 29, 2007

Monday motivations

  • Get the binding and sleeve on the KokoJazzMan and get it shipped.
  • Finish the hands and add a sleeve to the abstract keyboard piece for submission to the GSQA show.
  • Do the bird mobile quilt (quilt mobile?) to get them out of my head and into fabric.
  • Off to my friend's house tomorrow for more visiting and critiquing.
  • Double-check "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" for loose threads/beads before submitting it to GSQA.
  • Two altered books for gifts to finish by Thursday.
  • Labels for everything. Labels are my downfall and half the stuff that goes out of here doesn't have one.

1 comment:

joyce said...

You have an ambitious week outlined there, or is that just Monday? I'm like you on the labels. I keep saying I will sew them on with the quilting but it hasn't happened yet. I though I would do them on the computer until I priced the printer cloth. It seemed a lot just for a label.