Monday, January 29, 2007


I'm on the hands (Finally! Considering the forms and photos have to be received by Feb 1) and have made some progress, once I got through changing my mind about how I wanted to do them. It started out as simply printed on fabric, then went to some thread painting and now I've decided to use the fiberglass window screening. I started by re-sizing the drawing to life size, then printing it on the fabric. I then layered it with the screening on top and a piece of felt on the bottom. I have the outline stitched and then I'll stitch some of the details and cut away the screening. The whole little quiltlet will be hand-shaped once I cut it out around the outline, and the edges will be satin stitch finished and the entire thing will be added to the larger quilt.

A note about the hand drawings. My friend Stephen in Illinois drew these for me at my request specifically for this piece. He's also the one who painted the KokoJazzMan picture. Not only is he a great artist, he's also a musician and just an all-around nice guy.

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