Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A quilt!

I was beginning to feel guilty about the name of my blog since I haven't put anything quilt related up in a while. I've mostly just been trying to get through the holidays and haven't hit a lick at a snake much beyond that. But this one is just little scrappy pieces that I can work on a few minutes (or hours) at the time. Slow but getting there with it. No sort of plan either. I just pick up and sew on whichever next strip is the right length with no thought to colors or anything unless it's 2 of the same side by side. Other than that, it's very organic.

I'm maybe 2/3 of way finished with this part of it, then some fairly wide pieced borders and I'm done with the top. I'm really liking this one too.


jenclair said...

I'm liking it, too!

Rissa said...

Me three. :-P

Color_in_Fusion said...

I love it!!!! You are always so inventive.

Lisa said...

I really like it too!