Saturday, December 30, 2006

Cory and her strangeness

My oldest daughter turns 22 on January 2, and she's having a pirates and ninjas costume party at a local restaurant. Her friends are apparently just as strange since they're going along with this wild plan. We've been cobbling together a pirate costume for her and I've gotten several calls from her friends about how to put together their own pirate and ninja costumes. When I asked about the theme her perfectly reasonable response was "Everyone is either a pirate or a ninja." I couldn't help but think of the novels by Lawrence Block, in which the protagonist Matthew Scudder explains about everyone being either a pig or a fox, although he's referring to their looks. I think the whole pirate/ninja thing is more a comment on personality.
She's also announced that what she is getting herself for her birthday is "Mom" and "Dad" tattoos. But not just any old flower and skull tattoos since that would be tres gauche, but "Mom" written in sign language (I speak ASL) and "Dad" written in Klingon. I think they will go nicely with the copyright symbol she already has on her back. Maybe she'll get quotation marks on her shoulders next year.
Our 23 wedding anniversary is on New Year's Eve (my parents and sister have the same anniversary) and our big plans are to go out to eat and then come home and drink champagne and eat sour cream and onion potato chips. One more year and I will have been married for half my life. Two kids already in college and the third graduates this Spring and wants to take a couple of courses this summer to get a jump on freshman year. Within 6 months, ALL my kids will be in college. Am I really that old already?


joyce said...

It happens insanely fast. My grandchildren are now starting college. When did that happen???

Rissa said...

Interesting...New Year's was my anniversary with my ex-husband. :-) It was easy for him to remember. LOL

Color_in_Fusion said...

Happy Anniversary, my friend. I think it is great that your kids are so unique. I could only hope if I could have ever had any, mine would be just as unique. And tell Cory Happy Birthday from me too. I can't wait to get together again, maybe we should invite Lyman too ;)