Friday, December 22, 2006

Incoherent rambling

Does "sorry, we're out of beta" strike anyone else as hysterically funny? That's like saying "this hammer quit working" isn't it?

Ziplock double zipper, I'm not adding them to my list of can't-do-without supplies, I'm making fun of them. Their ads start out with a jab at store brand bags with one zipper that doesn't work, then brings in their selling point of TWO zippers. So I'm thinking if you're too stupid to get ONE to work, why would you suddenly become smart enough to work double that?

One of the most annoying tv commercials in the history of mankind is for one of those local pager/cell phone companies here. Not only is it about twice as loud as everything else, but it has this high-pitched ringtone in the background. And to further compound the felony, they have "flexable" plans. Makes me want to scream (or whimper in the corner) every time it comes on.

Another pet peeve of mine, besides illiterate advertising, is the misuse of the word unique. There is no degree to unique! Things, by definition, cannot be more unique or very unique or the most unique. It's either unique or it's not. Which brings us to the use and misuse of phrases. A few that I've heard recently are case and point (case in point), I'd just assume (I'd just as soon), and for all intensive purposes (for all intents and purposes) among others. Do people who say that stuff even think about what they're saying or are they just mimicking the sound of something they heard? Reminds me of that new commercial for the cell phone that plays music where the guys are singing along with Rock the Casbah but they sing lock the cash box, argue about it for a second and then change it to lock the cat box. Southerners are notorious for using some truly weird sayings, but at least they make sense when you think about them. At least they do to us.

And to keep from sounding like a complete Grinch I leave you with a picture of the Tabasco cookies and the "cookies with hats" I made the other day. The recipe for the cookies with hats came from Vicci over at Hers are MUCH prettier than mine, but nobody will ever know since all 7 dozen were gone in a little over 24 hours. I hid the Tabasco cookies so I still have a couple dozen of those.

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Rissa said...

As long as we are airing grievances, why or why can't people learn the difference between less and fewer? It makes me cringe when I hear it wrong on commercials....which is often in this less fat and fewer carbs generation! :-)

Glad they enjoyed the cookies in hats. :-D