Tuesday, December 05, 2006

If it was raining soup...

...I'd be out there with a fork. After all the work I did on the Christmas stockings, and racing madly to get my son's quilt finished for his Christmas present, I didn't get a single picture of any of it. The GF is supposedly getting pics for me and emailing them but we had a mini-crisis with the son yesterday so the pictures from her are running a bit behind schedule. I'm guessing her attention was on nursing him back to health rather than doing a favor for me. I was really proud of his quilt too, and made his stocking to match. I had to post Ben's and say it was Bryndan's so he wouldn't know he was getting the quilt too, but he seemed to be pleasantly surprised. I know the GF was surprised she got the "Dreidel" quilt. Hopefully, she'll send a pic of Ben's Chinese mixed media piece too since that's another one I never got a pic of.

All in all, I think he did a beautiful job of entertaining the 2 sets of parents and we all had a wonderful time. I was particularly impressed that he made the eggnog from scratch including whipping the egg whites to form soft peaks. It made such a big hit that he had to whip up a second batch before we left. I am so proud of him and it's almost scary watching him mature SO much, SO quickly. He seems so settled in his apartment and, well, so mature.

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