Sunday, December 03, 2006


My son's response when I asked if we could bring anything when we go down later today was "Chex mix" so that's what he's getting. All of the kids have, independently of each other, not so subtly hinted that we needed to make some, so we got enough supplies for 2 batches. I can smell it baking all the way back here in the work room. The silly people at Chex only call for 1 cup of pretzels and 1 cup of nuts. It makes us laugh as we dump the entire bag of pretzels and 2 cans of nuts in it too. My oldest daughter is taking one batch back with her to put in treat bags for her co-workers and her students. She's also giving them little bags of reindeer food if we can ever remember to buy the dried split peas. That is NOT something on my normal grocery list.

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joyce said...

Do you mean actual reindeer food??? I usally have split peas on hand but no reindeer. Lol.