Friday, December 15, 2006

My kids and their mouths

Not smart mouths, mind you, my kids know better than that. Medical mouth stuff. My son has been at the doctor twice trying to get his healed or at least get some relief from the pain. He went with the GF to a sorority party and they shipped them up to Laurel on a bus. On the way back, there was some sort of argument over music (he takes his music very seriously) and he wound up in the middle of a fight. He may or may not have been actually INVOLVED in the fight, the stories differ, but at some point he got pinned between 2 bus seats and took a punch in the cheek. It chopped up the inside of his cheek and the side of his tongue and gave him a split lip. After a couple of days, the cuts turned into a HUGE ulcer in his mouth and my poor baby could barely even eat. Not eating is a critical situation for him. So off he goes to the doctor to get antibiotics, some kind of topical stuff and a mouth rinse. He seems all better now but it took a few days. He also did really well on his Philosophy of Politics paper and exam yesterday :)

My youngest daughter had all 4 wisdom teeth out several months ago and things haven't been completely right since. She's been on several rounds of antibiotics and been back and forth to three different dentists. First, she had a dry socket, then one of the 'dissolving stitches' didn't dissolve and had to be removed , then she had swelling and bruising come up for no known reason, then muscle cramps in her jaw, then a big knot came up in her neck. One dentist told her to chew gum for the muscle cramps, then the next one a week later said one of her molars was out of alignment and the gum chewing was making it worse so he re-aligned her tooth. Another of the dentists thinks the surgery may have resulted in some nerve damage that would account for the fact that she's been in constant pain to some degree since the wisdom teeth were removed. She's BACK on antibiotics with another appointment next week.
It just kills me when the kids are in pain and I can't fix it.

Bryndan and the GF (pretend that's Sprite they're holding) and a picture of Aidan I'm playing with for a quilt.


Lisa said...

Gosh, poor kids! The mouth is so sensitive. I hope they both feel better soon.

Sprite. hehe

Rissa said...

I have heard so many horror stories about wisdom tooth removal. I hope everyone starts feeling welll soon!