Saturday, March 01, 2008

How strange!

My fellow blogger Penny Sanford Fikes has a post this morning about some fabric collage plates. What a shock to open up her blog and see a red version of my husband's grandmother's green plates! Even the patterns for the individual pieces of fabric appear to be the same. This is apparently something that was a thing to do at one time, although I can find zero information on where they might have come from or what era they might have been popular. That is assuming they were ever "popular" to begin with. They are relatively detailed for what they are, just sort of strange in a weird, creepy sort of way. Fabric pieces just glued to a standard cafeteria ceramic plate. No markings on the back of the plate, and all of the painting on the front is obviously hand-painted. Rick rack, nylon netting, sequins, and a button for the embellishments. The date is 1922 on James' plate, and 192? on Eula's. The second number on hers looks like it was scraped off and changed, although the changed number has apparently flaked off also. His geneology records say June 1920 was their wedding date, so who knows what the real story is with them, or even who made them, or when, for that matter. Interesting sort of thing to run across though.

If any of you have any clue what these things are, or any other information on them, I'd love to hear about it.


Cynthia said...

Rhonda, I remember seeing these type of plates before. Heck, I think I remember *making* these before! But I cannot remember the details or whether they are still part of our family "collection" of trinkets. I will run it passed my older sister and see what stirs in her memory. Mom would remember, but, alas, she has passed.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rhonda,
I threw a couple of plates like this away when I was cleaning out the OLD house at my mom's in AR last year!