Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Busy, busy

I completely forgot to post a report on the closing reception Saturday! It went off without a hitch (or a power outage) this time although we went to bed the Friday night with dire predictions of up to 2" of ice and snow overnight and the first thimg I saw when I woke up was the totally covered roof of the house across the street. At 5:00 am it never occurred to me that the house was vacant and had no heat so I almost panicked at the thought of another reception in bad weather conditions. Fortunately, it warmed up into the 60s by the afternoon and everything was good. Everyone who walked through the door had a joke about my luck with the weather though.

I had a bit of a jolt when I walked in the door too. A small Robert Johnson piece I sold last fall was front and center, beautifully framed in a shadow box and sitting on an easel. Anne said the owner had seen the announcement for the reception and offered to let her display his piece during the show. What a rush to see to see it professionally framed and displayed! I kept going back to it and thinking "Did I really do that?"

I've been doing a ton of beading lately and have pictures of some of the stuff but not of others. I also realized last night while working on a book cover for Aidan that I have like ZERO beads in the yellow/orange range. I think I had one tube each of seed beads and a few bugles from a bag of mixed colors. Other than that, I was reduced to cutting up old jewelry and fudging into the gold and brown spectrum. I also re-drew the pattern to make the yellow and orange parts a bit smaller. At least it gives me an idea of where I need to fill in the holes of my bead stash.

The "Earth Fissures" series of small beaded pieces I'm doing using rust stained borders is coming along, although none of the 3 I have now are completely finished yet. I am really loving doing the heavy beading sort of free-hand. Some with a theme in mind, some just as it comes while I'm working on it. My cats thought they had hit the jackpot when I started making a lap so often when I sat down to bead, except that I put a tray across my knees for a beading surface. You can just see their little cat brains wondering why I go to all the trouble of sitting down and then not letting them get in my lap. That doesn't always stop them from trying though. And sometimes they even succeed in getting under the tray to curl up between me and the arm of the chair. At least they don't swat at the beads and thread.

Keep in mind that neither of these are finished yet.

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What exactly is your class on Monday and where is it? LOL