Friday, February 22, 2008

Art in the Dark

Music by candlelight. I encourage people to feel my work, but not usually to feel their way through the rooms displaying my work! The reception last night was a smashing success (if 3 cubes of cheese and a strawberry with a nibble out of it being the only leftovers is any guage) even without power. We had just gotten into the rhythm of things good when the lights went out. The power actually went out in the entire downtown area. They say this is only the second times that's happened in years. So of course it happens during the reception. Carmen and Ann calmly began passing out candles and people just chatted with whomever was standing next to them. I did my "elevator pitch" for the allotted 3 minutes then the party continued as usual. The surprising thing is that nobody left right away. And people continued to arrive. I'm not sure exactly what I expected from an artist reception (this is my first, remember) but if they're all like this one I think I'm going to become like those old ladies who show up at all the wakes. I'll just make the rounds every week to all the opening receptions for artists all over town. Carmen and Anne made things unbelivably easy and (other than the power) the evening went off without a hitch. As a testament to their calm approach and composure, I only worried about the whole open flame + melted wax + quilts thing for about 30 seconds.

For those of you without the inclination to buy a quilt, you should check out Carmen's new "Blues Tapestry" candle creation! I felt so honored by her doing that.

Many thanks to everyone who showed up, whether I knew you or not, and to Kenta for the incredible food, and most especially to Carmen and Anne.


Rissa said...

I'll make sure Anne reads this on Tuesday. :-)

Kenta really did do a good job with the food.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great event...glad it went so well for you in spite of the "dark"!


Anne Campbell said...

Thank you Rhonda for such a successful event. It was so much fun, we truly enjoyed having you and all of the wonderful people that came despite the horrible weather. Those of you that were brave enough to enter a room full of "strangers in the dark," thanks for coming. Rhonda, I'm sure your future shows will be fantastic if this is any indication.