Thursday, March 27, 2008

Rust staining classes scheduled

I have finally got a rust staining class scheduled that's open to the general public. June 17, from 9-noon, $25.00 plus your supplies. The class will be taught at Quilt Arts on Lakeland Dr. If you can't make that one, we've also discussed running one (or more) rust stain classes at ARTichoke this summer. I much prefer doing it in the heat of summer since you can see the results immediately. I have a piece of raw silk that's been on the rusty pole out back all winter and all it has so far is half a dozen small spots. I could do the same piece in the height of summer and have a deep golden brown in 48 hours, and a good mottled piece in 24. I have no idea why the heat makes any difference but it seems to. Maybe it's the "cooking" that goes on in the black plastic with the Mississippi sun beating down on it. Anne and Marianne have ordered in some PFD fabric for us to use and of course they have all the tone-on-tones and solid colors already. I played with some prints and colors last year and my favorites are the black and white prints, and a few solid colors like blues and greens that play well with the rust stains. Not every color does, but it's like the entire process of rust staining....trial and error. I do know that it doesn't have to be 100% cotton though. That's always nice to be able to do some surface design on non-cottons.

I'll be demonstrating gel plate printing Saturday from 10-4 at the MS Craft Center on Rice Rd. too, if anyone is interested in that technique. A quick stop at Hancock's on the way out there for some scrim and muslin and whatever other weird fabrics I see and I get to play with paint all day! I have what's left of the pints of wall paint from last summer, and the bajillion bottles of the craft acrylics, and a pkg of plastic bowls and spoons so I'll be a mixing fool trying to use up some of the remnants of crap I have. Maybe I'll even finish off enough that I can throw some of the containers away. "And my color inspiration for this piece was using whatever I had the least of so I could throw the can out." I'll have to round up my foam stamps (at last, a reason to use the Fluer de Lis!) and bubble wrap and assorted mark making tools. Pour the plates tonight, clean house all day tomorrow and then demonstrate all day Saturday. Gee, I can't wait!

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