Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Natchez gathering

The meeting went well and I always love seeing the people I only get to see at the gatherings. Broach did a short segment on copyright (a subject near and dear to my heart as most of you know) and ironically, the pictures for the newspaper article in the Natchez Democrat were taken during that segment. I say ironically because, although NOBODY asked my permission, my picture is in there anyway. Complete with misspelled first AND last name. I can only recall one instance in my entire life when I was ASKED that I refused to allow a picture to be published and I had a very good reason that time. It's not whether you will or won't grant permission, it's the fact that you should be ASKED, especially by a supposedly professional media outlet. I'm still considering whether to write a letter to the editor or something about it because it really got under my skin. I know it sounds picky as hell, but I AM picky as hell about copyright and public domain and all that other stuff. Maybe it wouldn't matter to me as much if the piece they so thoughtfully published a picture of wasn't a potential competition entry (yeah, one that prohibits prior publication) that I'm also drafting a pattern of for sale. I had half a dozen quilts with me and if they had only asked I'd have been happy for them to take a picture....just not of THAT quilt. I have no idea how many shots the photographer took since I was sitting next to the door and he was shooting from the door into the room. It's not like he didn't get a chance to ask me either, since we spoke outside as he was leaving. He didn't mind telling me he was off to power lifting, but it was too much trouble to ask if he could use the photo?

OK. Rant over. Well, probably not, but at least on the blog for now.

Anyway, the article is at http://www.natchezdemocrat.com/news/2008/feb/17/quilters-gather-natchez/ along with the pictures. Did they ask any of the other quilters for permission? Bobbie? Dee? Anyone? I'd copy and paste the entire article but that would be violating their copyright, so you have to go look for yourself.

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Michelle said...

I do think you should write a polite, professional and firm letter to the photographer's boss, letting him or her know your permission was not granted for the photograph of your quilt. Since they are probably unaware of the stipulation about non-published work you mentioned, it would be a good chance to educate and chide at the same time! If you include lots of details about how publishing this photograph has compromised your ability to do business, etc., you may get at least a written apology, and maybe more...
Let us know what happens.