Sunday, February 10, 2008

Oxford Piecemakers and other stuff

What a great group of quilters! 17 students in the embellishment class Saturday and a big turn-out for the regular meeting following the class. I LOVE working with a group of people who are willing to just jump right in and go with the flow. I heard very few "that's not how it's done" comments and a lot of "what if" comments. My kind of class! The members came well-prepared with stuff to use, and open minds and curiosity. Can't ask for any better than that. Every time I leave after teaching I wonder if the students have gotten as much out of the class as I have. I often get follow-up emails with questions or comments and I love those since it gives me a little more direction for the next class I teach. Things that need to be expanded on or clarified.

An evening of visiting and playing and eating with my lovely hostess Jane, and Sonia, Linda and Dana as co-conspirators. (Hi, Butch!) I love the give and take and sharing when a group of quilters get together. And what was supposed to be a quick stop by the local bead shop turned into an hour of show and tell with the owner. A quick stop by the outlet mall in Batesville turned into a $100 shopping spree too, but I got some grown-up clothes so it wasn't wasted. The day was beautiful, the drive was nice, and it was good to get home. My hub says I need to charge enough to cover the cost of boarding my cat when I'm gone overnight since he (the cat, not the hub) wanders the house screaming the entire time I'm gone.

And news on the home "spare" son, Nick, has joined the Marines! He leaves for boot camp on the 25th and graduates at the end of May. I WILL be at his graduation! My friend has just moved to SC so I will make a double-duty road trip out there. I'll cry at the graduation, but I'm so proud of him I could pop. As the hub said last night, I couldn't love him any more than I would if he was my own. There's just something very special about him and I want him to make the most of his gifts. And a week with Vicki, playing in her new studio is like heaven on earth. The timing is good too, since the arts festivals I'm lined up to do will be over (maybe I'll make enough to cover expenses for the trip) and so far, I have nothing else planned right away. It's also a great excuse to visit Fiber on a Whim on my way through Atlanta.

Still tired from the drive yesterday so I'm just rambling sort of scatter-shot, but I'm trying to post more often (for myself, not my visitors) and the best way to do that is just to sit down and do it.

If anyone knows a group that would be interested in a short presentation or workshop between here and S.C. during the last 2 weeks of May, let me know. I plan to take my time and do what I want on the trip. I've never actually planned a trip like that!

Lots of stuff to finish and details to tie up in the next week before the show hangs, so I better get at it.

Oh yeah, in case there is anyone who would like a postcard for the show, just email me your snail mail addy. They aren't worth anything, I'm just so excited to have them I'm willing to mail one to anybody who is interested!

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