Sunday, March 18, 2007

Very interesting

Occasionally (when I remember) I look at the stats from my site meter. It gives all sorts of pretty useless information but it's a kick to see where people visit from and how they stumble accidentally (very few find it intentionally I think) on my blog. If you get a hit from a search it tells you what terms were being searched when the blog showed up. I think the most interesting ever came today from a visitor in Elgin, IL. They searched google for "surgical suture cutters quilt" and got me. I shit you not. That is a direct copy and paste of the search field. Now, why exactly someone would combine those particular words is beyond me, but there it is. They are either A) looking for a gift for a VERY specialized nurse, B) seeking a pattern for a damned weird quilt (did they look for "16 oz Estwing hammer quilt," too?) or C) ran across a reference to my post of months back referencing my use of suture scissors as a seam ripper. Pleasepleaseplease let it be C) and if you're in Elgin, IL looking for a surgical suture cutters quilt I'd love to hear the final answer, Regis.

Oh yeah. HI STEPHEN!!!

He's the other half of the award-winning (God, I get goose bumps just saying that. I think I might have actually murmered it out loud just a little that time.) Ebony & Ivory Blues. Not only did he draw the hands, but they are drawings of his actual hands. And just how cool is that?


sion said...

hey, congratulations on the win!

Sonji Hunt said...

Delta, I didn't have an email for you so I thought I'd post on your blog. I'm so excited that I will "know" someone when I come to Tougaloo! You will have to keep in contact with me before the big event.

Tanya Brown said...

Say, how were you notified of your win? Did they call you, write you, were you at the show?

I think it's totally cool. Also, I'm hoping some of your greatness will wear off on me by association.

Rissa said...

Goose bumps are good!!!