Monday, March 26, 2007

progress of a sort

Finished off the quilting, such as it is, on the weird batik this morning. Finally decided on a simple bisecting line quilting pattern to leave as much of the raw edge free as possible. It's in the washer now with some jeans and then into the dryer for a couple of hours to fray the edges. It's only lap size but it was originally a test piece for using the small strips exposed between the piecing. So far so good, and pictures later today I think. I'll also get a picture up of the bird mobile. At least it's hanging now and not stuck in a bag somewhere. It's funny how sometimes the simplest thing is the one that gets the most response from people. Everyone who has seen the birds loves them, including my husband!

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Tanya Brown said...

I've noticed a similar thing. I wonder if it's because the "simpler" things are somehow more approachable or easier to understand by those who aren't in the arts/fiber arts?

(Remembering a relative who pointed to a very inexpensive, imported imitation of a quilt in my house and said "oh, did you make that?" while ignoring the intricate crazy quilted wall hanging behind her head.)