Saturday, March 24, 2007

Life and kids and other stuff

My youngest daughter hit a milestone this week. Straight As on her report card and it got her on the Principal's Honor Roll! That's the first time any of my kids ever did that. First and Second honors multiple times, but NEVER Principal's honors! My son did the sweetest thing too. He called yesterday morning and asked if I'd call the school and get her dismissed so he could take her out to lunch if he drove up. Of course I'd do that. He drove up yesterday morning, took her for Mexican and then had to race back for a 5:00 class. We didn't tell her he was coming either, and when they called her down to the office and she saw him standing there her face split into the hugest grin. And she got a chance to show him off a little bit to her friends too. Life was good for her yesterday I think.

Quiltsquiltsquilts running through my head, but for right now that's where they have to stay. I'd REALLY like to get at least a couple of small embellished pieces done this week to submit to GSQA for the circuit teacher vetting, but I have to hurry and I'm not sure I have enough time anyway. But the designs are good and they'll wind up being quilts at some point.

I have to get into high gear to completely finish the pieces that are going to the art show the middle of April also. I have finished pieces I can use if I have to, but I also have some tops that I really want to take (and 2 to make!) but they have to be quilted and bound. Free-motion is my salvation. I love doing it, I'm good at it, and it goes extremely fast. I can quilt an entire full sized quilt in a single day with no problem. Well, no problem other than time and motivation. Once I sit down at the machine it goes quickly. It's the sitting down at the machine part I seem to have trouble with.

We are babysitting my "spare" son's dog this weekend and Rowdy is the cutest thing! Everyone who sees him says he's such a "Nick dog" too. He's shaped like a Corgi but has long curly fur like a Yorkie or something. And he's having the best time playing with my HUGE Labs too. Jake and dOg think they have their own self-propelled play toy. The cats aren't impressed much but they tolerate him. Maybe they know he's just visiting.

Off to the school at 7:00 this morning to work on the stage set. We're doing Anything Goes and this is my last year for working on the plays. Full-cast costume call Monday night. That should be interesting, for a lot of reasons I'm not going to get into. Let's just say I have my fingers crossed that the set/music/dancing/props/acting carry the play this time. ALL my fingers. And toes. And eyes.


Tanya Brown said...

Congratulations to your daughter! And what a sweet, supportive son you have.

I'm looking forward to seeing your next creations. (Embellishments and lots of free-motion quilting. Hmmm, what interesting thing is she up to?)

Rissa said...

Big congrats to your daughter! I want to see pictures of the costumes too. LOL

Man did I get behind in reading my blogs.