Thursday, May 14, 2009

A little bit of work

But not much. I finished up this piece yesterday and then spent the rest of the day with Ann and Molly bouncing around an idea for an "installation" piece at the guild. Have I mentioned how much I love the studio and people I work with out there? We got the green light to do a couch-shaped bench and 2 cubes. After MUCH discussion and idea bouncing, it looks like we'll be doing slumped glass mosaic pieces. We got so far as to draw up a sketch for the shape/size and some good ideas for the design. Of course, that's all liable (likely?) to change a hundred times between now and completion too. I'm sort of excited about it though!

Anyway, the piece I finished yesterday is commercial batiks, beads and doo-dads, pieced, appliqued and hung on bamboo. Each piece is finished independently and then attached. Another shaped piece, but using a felt batting rather than Peltex so I could pillowcase finish the edges instead of a satin stitch.

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Karoda said...

Hi, great to see you're back in a blogging groove.

You have studio space in the community with other artists?