Wednesday, May 13, 2009

antique/vintage quilt

A woman brought this quilt into the guild looking for information on it. I had no idea what to tell her so I'll just throw it out here. Almost every single one of the polka dots on the red fabric are missing so I'm assuming it used some sort of mordant that degraded, and the binding was maybe 1/8" wide and a self-binding, where the backing fabric (just one layer of it too) was just brought to the front and stitched. The only inkling of info the owner had was that it might have been a wedding gift in 1913, and it was found in North Carolina. Any information at all concerning block pattern, possible age, value, anything like that would be much appreciated.

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Sandra said...

The block pattern is Darting Minnows. Red fabrics with mordant damage like that tend to be from c. 1850. The border fabric looks later, could be from 1880-1920. It may be an earlier top, finished at a later time. I'd have to see it close up & in person.
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Sandra Starley
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