Wednesday, June 25, 2008

This is a test

Do you recognize this man? This is a quilt I'm submitting for an art show in New Orleans. Hopefully, I'll have the binding on this evening or tomorrow and then I'll get good pictures of it and off it goes for jurying. Think really good thoughts, really hard, for me to get in. I'll invite everyone to the reception if it's accepted! (Any excuse for a party in New Orleans!)


Karoda said...

I believe that Mr. Louis Armstrong! Many many years ago I had a dream where he was calling my name and encouraging me to be strong...I was going through a particular rough patch of life.

Sue G said...

Great looking Louis Armstrong quilt. Enjoyed and was jealous of blues festival posts. Not much blues happening in Virginia Beach. Good luck jurying into the show. Sue G.
PS--couldn't sign in for comment using OpenID, kept getting the "you must sign in on" page, even after I did sign in on wordpress..thought you'd like to know.