Friday, June 27, 2008

No pictures today

At least not yet. I got "Primarily Jazz" finished yesterday and wonder of wonders, it lies perfectly flat and perfectly straight and is apparently perfectly square. Of course I decided to use a technique that I've never used before when I quilted it, so I was worried I'd screw it up. And I used that evil monofilament thread too. Between sewing through the painted fabric, using the mono, different color top and bobbin threads and the double layer of felt for the batting I was expecting the perfect storm of bird nests, bad tension, lots of frogging and a back full of pleats and tucks. I got none of those! NONE! Do you hear me? I was in the zone with the stitch in the ditch, the tension stayed right where I put it, the back was smooth as glass and the only frogging I had to do was about 6" where the excess backing got folded back and I stitched through it while quilting. I even remembered to put the sleeve on it! I'm hoping and praying that the relative ease of getting it assembled and quilted is a good omen for it getting accepted to the show. A label, good photos and off goes the submission. Wish me luck!

Now, on to some other ideas I have in mind for the next one. And the next one after that.


Rissa said...

Wishing you luck! :-)

Karoda said...

sounds like the sun is shining in your back door! keep the good mojo going!

Anonymous said...

Best of luck. Can't wait to see pictures. Sue G