Monday, June 30, 2008

just playing around

These are two thread bowls I've been playing with. Neither will go any further than this probably, but they were good practice for one I have in my head. They are stitched on a base of water-soluble stabilizer, so once that is rinsed out, the entire bowl consists of nothing but the thread from stitching. I totally get in the zone doing these since it's very much like thread painting or free-motion quilting. I do have a timer set for 15 minute increments though so my back and shoulders don't get wrecked for a week by losing track of time. And if I push my machine too hard it overheats too. I usually work for 15 minutes, take a short break, and after 45 minutes I turn the machine off completely and take a longer break. For the 'real, true' bowl I have in my head, I'm thinking maybe solid black rayon (sort of shiny) for the bowl with lots of beading. I like the effect of the fringe on the edge but I'm not sure how that would look with beads mixed into it. I do want a pile of beads in the center, maybe spilling out of the bowl somehow. We'll see. It'll probably turn out nothing like I envision it anyway. And I have another idea for a quilt that's percolating in my brain too. A trumpet/piano combo design. What a surprise, huh? It's a relatively simple overall design, but pretty fiddly so we'll see when it actually gets made.

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