Monday, June 23, 2008

Another weekend of Blues

We spent the day Saturday at the Bentonia Blues Festival at the historic Blue Front Cafe' and had a blast. Only in the Deep South can Wonderbread, fried catfish and mayo be considered a meal. With a side of boiled peanuts and a cold beer. The heat wasn't so unbearable as it was at Leland either. Only a few degrees cooler on the thermometer, but it was on grass this time instead of dirt. At one point, the clouds moved in carrying rain and it got downright cool even though we never got any of the actual rain. The trains passing on the very busy tracks directly behind us were a nice touch, and it was funny how people all turned and waved at the City of New Orleans when it came through. The musicians jamming in the cafe' never stopped even though they were about 10 feet from the stage and every time there was a break between songs you could hear the music coming from the cafe'. Nobody seemed to mind either. Duck Holmes' 91 year-old aunt spent the entire day on the stage dancing and nobody seemed to mind that either.

It's great living in a place where we're only 2 or 3 hours away from all these festivals that celebrate the birthplace of so many types of music. A 3 hour drive in any direction gives us Blues, New Orleans jazz, hill country music, cajun, pretty much anything we want to hear on any given weekend is a day trip for us. Our kids think it's "cute" that we go to all these festivals now too. We would have been going to them all along except that we started having kids practically the minute we got married so we never had the time/money/freedom to do much of it until we got them out of the house. My youngest daughter has expressed an interest in going with us and my son already hits the festivals he's interested in. It's pretty cool to be able to talk music with the kids and know that we have a lot of the same tastes. It's also nice to swap CDs with them (except their definition of "swap" is to go shopping in my CDs and then report back how much they love the most recently lifted CD of mine) and to suggest new artists to each other.

No art quilting in this post other than to say I'm really struggling with a piece right now but it's not ready for me to show yet. I have done a lot of the detail work on it and I've started piecing it, but it's a very organic sort of piecing. Add a strip here, a square there, a border around that and then hold it all up and hope it works together at each stage. So far, so good, but it's slow going for some reason.

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