Sunday, September 02, 2007

"Just take a deep breath"

As soon as I get a few minutes to take my own advice I'll get a new post up. For right now, a quick hit-and-run 'hello' will have to do. Our big local show is in 2 weeks so I'll have pictures then.


nikkapotamus said...

even though you don't have time to post (i'm sure you're working on another fabulous quilt)- I wanted to drop you a GIANT thanks! I received my beautiful dragonfly address book in the mail this week and can't get over how stunning it is! I told my husband I wanted to frame it, then thought better of it and stuck it in my purse so that I can admire it on a more personal level daily.
Thanks again!

Delta said...

I'm so glad you like it! I had nice little notes all typed to stick in the envelope and of course I forgot them. I didn't even remember to get pictures either.
The fabric is rust stained linen and the dragonfly is some combination of painting/stamping/stitching/beading. The bamboo is thread painting, and the book itself is a standard 6-hole punch, so you should be able to add pages.