Tuesday, August 21, 2007


My week must have been busier than I thought! It seems like just yesterday (well, maybe the day before) that I dropped off the quilts, but it's been a whole week. The kids are all back at college and I'm getting some actual work done. We're off to Nashville on Friday for the big quilt show. Strangely enough, I don't have any plans to spend a lot of money, even though I have to confess the vendors hold more attraction for me than the quilts. And specifically the ethnic fabric vendors. No place around here to get kimono silks, or African mud cloth so I love hitting those booths at the big shows. Gadgets and doodads don't do much for me either, and I've been moving rapidly into a whole new spectrum of the type of fabrics I use in my work (nothing planned, I've just noticed it in the last year) and doing a lot of my own fabric, so the cute prints and commercial patterns just don't do it for me any more. That doesn't mean I won't grab some of every "new" music and Mardi Gras fabric I come across, it's just not a priority. And I will stay away from the heroin.....errr........bead dealers this year. Except maybe small tubes. And just a few. And only the ones I don't already have. And a couple of color ranges I need to fill in gaps on....At least my fiber supply is well stocked now (Thanks Vicki!!!) so I can stride quickly past those booths. The ethnic and hand-dyed stuff will be where I spend my time. Oh yeah, and I'll look at some quilts too.

Thank you all for the encouraging and supportive comments. I was sort of wigging out with the self-doubts about applying for the guild. Even if I don't get in, I can look back at the comments and feel good about at least trying.


Michelle Davis Petelinz said...

Good luck with your shopping, Rhonda. When you come back, check out a NC fabric place online here: http://french-nc.com/index.php?act=viewCat&catId=8. They are friends who've lived in Africa and have access to the most exquisite fabrics, sculpture, jewelry, and other things African. They have a French theme, too. Wendy is a quilter too, perhaps you've seen her at shows?

Rissa said...

Have fun in Nashville! I am about to head to Chicago for an EGA event. I have budgeted to spend more than usual at merchandise night...because I have underspent in the last few years. LOL