Friday, July 04, 2008

Oh! And one more

I completely forgot about adding the info on this one. It's going back to my original idea for the gold and black with the same horn pattern. (I really, really like that graphic.) I figured I better use it before I lost the already prepared pieces of the Liquid Gold fabric I'd originally started with. (Is "originally started" redundant? Probably is.) I grabbed this piece of Michael Miller fabric yesterday on my daily jaunt to the quilt shop, and it's working perfectly for the image in my head. I know it's sort of hard to see the effect in the picute since the gold has such a reflection and the little confetti pieces (in gold and copper) don't show well on the picture, but you can take my word for it that it really does look just like I wanted it to. Eventually it will involve narrow gold ribbons, gold mesh and probably gold sparkle organza.


sion said...

ohh, I do like the graphic on that background. That background seems full of soul and night magic and city bewitchment, like closing your eyes when you listen to music. The other background puts me more in mind of a sunny Sunday parade someplace where they don't lock their doors. Which is closer to where you wanted to go?

Delta said...

They're both pretty much on the mark for the "feeling" I was shooting for with each piece! Just as hearing music puts you in different moods, I love when I'm able to evoke that same feeling visually. The first piece is more Dixieland, second line music, the second is more Cotton Club, smokey bar jazz. I'm thrilled that it comes across as two different emotions to an outside viewer!