Tuesday, July 01, 2008

In the beginning....

...there was a horn. And that horn made music. Or it will once I finish this piece. So far I have the background and the horn done. Maybe this will be one I actually follow through with the procedure as I go along. I keep saying I'm going to do that, but so far I never have.

The original plan for this one was the 'Liquid Gold' fabric on a black background (see previous post.) But as usual, things changed drastically. I even have the gold one cut out and fused to WU. Maybe it will show up in something else later. Maybe not. I'll probably lose the pieces before something comes to me to use it for. The horn has now become a tangerine cotton lame' that came in a mis-ordered bundle of fat quarters from Fabric.com several years ago. I thought I was ordering the primaries but I actually ordered the sherbets. Not my usual color choice, but it worked well for this. Fused to the background (more Sonji-class hand-painted stuff) and then a narrow zig-zag in a weird orange-y metallic. Maybe I can use one more hyphen in this paragraph!

I have a plan! It involves some lines and some curves and some shapes and some more color! I'll try to get pictures at each step to document the progress.

Any of you have any great suggestions for using soutache braid that doesn't require hand sewing and doesn't make it lump up and stretch under the foot as you're sewing? Preferably suggestions for standard feet that don't require buying a cording foot. I'd rather spend my money on more fabric but I may have no choice. Fuse it down and then stitch? I may just wind up buying an extra package of it and playing until I get the technique down. The lines have to be VERY smooth so I don't want any pulling or stretching.

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Mary Ann Littlejohn said...

Do you have an invisible zipper foot. Some cords can be handled/directed with that foot.