Saturday, January 05, 2008

better late than never!

I know it's been a while since I posted but life happens! Not only do I have the show coming up in February, but I've just received the paperwork for an invitational show (Brick Street Fine Arts Festival) in March. Maybe I'll have some stuff left over from the show at ARTichoke to use. Either that, or I'll be sewing madly to get MORE stuff made for Clinton. Or I can use some of the non-musical pieces I have already. It seems like things are breaking loose all at once and it's sort of scary! I'm booked all the way into August (at least one a month) for workshops and presentations and classes and demonstrations. If I keep going at this rate I might actually MAKE more than I SPEND with my art.

Now on to the pictures.......

This is "Coltrane" and it's done on a piece of hand-painted fabric I did during Sonji Hunt's class this summer. It's actually the back of the fabric and it already had the Wonder Under on it. If you iron it long enough and hot enough with a non-stick sheet, the WU eventually loses it's sticky without losing the cloudy effect that I liked about it. The image of John Coltrane is a (copyright-free) picture that I adjusted the color on to be sort of a reddish pink. Printed off on 4 pages, assembled and then coated with several layers of gel medium. Paper removed and the resultant image is sort of translucent. Again, I wound up using the backside of the transfer because of the effect. Very minimal quilting around the image. 16x21, hand painted muslin, gel medium transfer.

And "The Jazzman Cometh"

Another hand-painted background from Sonji's class, and a painted image from some original artwork by Stephen Avgerinos in Bloomington, IL. Used with permission of the artist. Once more, the backside of the fabric was used and very minimal quilting. 24x34, hand painted muslin, stenciled Jazzman and lamppost.

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