Friday, January 25, 2008

Another one bites the dust!

This time, it was a heavy duty Sunbeam, auto shut off, stainless steel sole plate, burst of steam. I'm reduced to using the light weight Proctor Silex that barely gets hot enough to melt fusible, but it has a purdy purple water tank! Be grateful for the small things.
OK....Anne is working on the postcards for the show and I get so excited every time I think of it I giggle. The little bit of it that I've seen looks great, and I am in extremely capable hands with her doing the graphics for it. Snap, snap, snap. Just like that she slaps something together that would take me months (if ever!) to do and it looks great!
I'm posting a few of the new quilts, in various stages of completion, just because that's what bloggers do. We post pictures. I have pictures of my cats and dogs and a couple of the snow we got the other day, but I figure the quilts are more appropriate for a QUILT blog. But maybe that's just me.

No particular order, and I'm leaving off all the usual info (size, techniques, etc) that I usually include because I'm just flat-out lazy today and figure I'll come back and put all that stuff in after I get final pictures when they're completed.

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