Thursday, August 31, 2006

"Goodbye yellow...."

"Jump, Jive and Wail" has found a new home in Minnesota. I actually got to speak to the new owner last night on the phone and that was so cool! Other than being nice to hear how much she loved it, the best part was what else she said. "That one piece is what drew me in to look at the rest of the exhibit." That really meant a lot to me to know that she was moved to look at the rest of the works by artists on the coast who were truly decimated by Katrina. The pictures I've seen of the exhibit were very powerful, and I can only imagine the impact they made in person. Still, nothing even comes close to seeing the actual damage. No amount of pictures, videos and written descriptions can even approach the reality of the coast. Mary Gray of Minnesota Helpers has done an incredible, back breaking job of getting our work out there, and my gratitude to her for giving me this opportunity is boundless. I can't thank you enough, Mary.

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jenclair said...

How rewarding! Your wonderful quilt has a new home with someone who loves and appreciates it.