Friday, September 08, 2006

This and That

"Orphans of the Motherland" and "Miles Davis" will be showing at Augsburg College through October 8. They are the 2 that didn't sell at Hennepin County but they were chosen to go to this exhibit so there's still a chance. We got a copy of the public comment cards from the Hennepin exhibit and my work is "off the chain" according to one visitor. I had to go ask my kids what that meant, but it's a compliment so it's all good. (Brag warning: My name is the only one mentioned specifically on the comment cards!)
I started on a new piece this weekend out of sheer boredom and it's working up pretty well. More music, but with polka dots this time. I don't work with a lot of dots so I was sort of surprised that's what I reached for. I had originally planned to do a step-by-step of the process for the blog, but this one is totally intuitive with no plan so it was sort of hard to follow though on the idea to post about it. Maybe next time, if I start with a real design I can figure out a way to walk through it in words and pictures. I would have felt bad to just say "I picked this fabric up because I liked it, and cut it 4" wide because I wanted to." That doesn't really tell you anything, but it's sometimes how I work. My son and his roommate like it well enough that it may go live in their apartment at college to "impress the girls." They seem to think it shows their sensitive and artistic sides or something. If nothing else, my work is usually so bright and striking that maybe it will draw attention away from their terrible furniture.
Next up is turning out a bunch of postcards for an up-scale craft fair in KC the first week in December. I can work on them this week in FL with my friend Vicki. Six whole days of making art! She is an incredible artist herself and I can't wait to see all of her work. I have one gorgeous piece in my living room already. She does mixed media and painting (and a little of everything else) and has the most wonderful color sense. Not the colors I tend to go towards, but that's how you learn. Look at what others do and file the combinations away for use later.

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