Tuesday, June 06, 2006

This and That

No pictures today (because I'm an idiot) even though I had 9 pieces hanging this weekend at the MQA meeting. I taught a 3 hour fabric postcard class on Saturday morning and was a nervous wreck about doing it, so getting pictures of my quilts was the last thing on my mind. I had an absolute blast teaching the class and hope the students felt the same. It's gratifying to watch someone take that first step from very traditional to free-form, anything-goes sort of work. I think that's what quilt guilds should be about anyway. Sharing the skills and knowledge of traditional, while exposing the members to new techniques. It gives you a choice for your work. I don't do traditional pieced work, although I know how, but those who do have my admiration and without them sharing their talents, who knows what I'd be doing now. But I do love having the CHOICE of traditional or art quilting.
And the BESTEST thing that happened this weekend was that I had half a dozen or more people ask about "the pattern for the mask quilt." The first time someone approached me with the question she literally got a blank look and a "Pattern? What do you mean?" in reply. It honestly didn't register with me what she was asking since I don't use patterns (I did trace the mask, so I guess that's a pattern) and it wasn't pieced and 'patterns' to my mind imply following directions or using a lay-out for the pieces. I was a little better prepared for the next time someone asked about it though.
All in all, it was a thoroughly enjoyable weekend, and I loved meeting everyone and looking at the quilts. There are some incredibly talented members.

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Rissa said...

I am sorry that I could not be there. Really! But I did have a great time in Dallas. I am still waffling about going to market in Houston, but I have been invited as assistant editor for CQMagOnline. ;-)