Friday, May 26, 2006

Even MORE rust-dying

Since blogger wants to be horsey today the pictures are out of order, but from the top they are: A close-up of the fabric just sort of wadded on top of the metal, then a full shot of the same piece. The striped looking one is the fabric laid flat so that it nestles down into the ridges and grooves and the last photo is a close-up of that piece.
A strange thing I noticed with these pieces is that one side has the beautiful yellow-gold on it and the opposite side has a really dark brown-black in the same spot. Great potential for 2 different looks depending on which side I use.
I started with 2 sheets of corrougated metal roofing ($7 each) and a gallon of hydrochloric acid ($3.50) Strip the zinc galvanized coating with the acid, wash, sprinkle with salt(3/$1) and watch it rust. The fabric is soaked with vinegar then laid directly on the metal, covered with the second sheet and left to rust overnight or a few days or until you get back to check on it, and VOILA! Art cloth!
The color of the top picture is the closest to the real color.

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