Wednesday, April 12, 2006

When is a problem a GOOD thing?

When the problem is that more people want your quilts than you have finished. I have until Friday to send in a list and description of quilts I want displayed at the state quild meeting the first weekend in June. Everything appropriate I have right now is spoken for, either sold or promised out for other exhibitions, so I have no idea what I'm going to send unless I can create 3 or 4 from scratch by Friday. Not bloody likely.

Speaking of the guild meeting in June, I'm teaching a 3 hour "how to make fabric postcards" class. I could teach an 8 hour class for $100, or a 3 hour class for $ to me. I hate to be cooped up for too long in one place anyway. I guess this means I need to get my act together and get some class samples, or whatever it is I need, together before then. They ask about hand-outs and tools and supplies and all sorts of stuff. My thought is to pack up a buttload of fabric scraps, yarns, beads, "stuff", some fusible, glue, interfacing, felt (that's what I use for the batting) and various and sundry other things and let it be sort of a treasure hunt thing with people assembling their own cards, beginning with the construction techniques. I have always preferred classes that show you how to CREATE something, as opposed to the classes that show you how to make something SPECIFIC. Give me knowledge of technique over a finished project any day!

Couldn't sleep the other morning so I got up and made a batik fish piece very similar to the comedy/tragedy masks and I'm pleased with it so far. The top is finished except for the eyes on the fish and then on to the quilting. I'm going to go broke buying batiks this year. A special shout-out to for helping deplete my bank account. But you should see my batik stash now!

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