Saturday, April 15, 2006


Total size of this piece is 11'x12'. Yes, ladies and gents, that's FEET! Each panel is 11 feet long and almost 4 feet wide. The woman who commissioned it never asked to see fabrics, design sketches, nothing. I walked around her house and made some comments, took some notes on colors and her existing art work to get a sense of her taste, and then showed back up 6 weeks later and hung it. Even though I made it, I have to say it is very impressive hanging on the wall. The vast majority of the prints are Mardi-Gras and music themes, two of my most favorite themes to work with. She and her husband were very happy with it and I sort of miss having it around. One interesting note about this piece; I never saw it as a whole until it was hung. There is no place in my house that I can lay out a 12x12 piece, so I worked on each individually and just trusted that I wasn't screwing it up too badly.

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jenclair said...

It is hard to imagine the actual size of these...couldn't believe the dimensions! Good on the woman who decided to commission not only a quilt, but a triptych of such impressive proportions. And Good on you for creating this marvelous piece.