Tuesday, October 07, 2008

"Don't feel bad" I tell myself

Nobody else is updating their blog with any frequency either. But I do have pics today! My youngest daughter on the cover of a local magazine and a whole cloth piece that I just HAD to do. It's been rattling around in my head for a a couple of weeks and I finally just bit the bullet and did it. I like the process so well I'll probably do some more of them. No idea where the abstract, graphic sort of feel to it came from but I see great possibilities for different designs. I had originally intended to use some text on these, until the subject came up on the QuiltArt list and then it sort of felt like I'd be jumping on the bandwagon with it, so that idea may have to wait, although the lyrics and words I want to use are still there and still an option. White PFD fabric with acrylic and rust staining. Stamps, stencils, templates and masking tape shapes. The rust stained stripes are from the piano sound board in my front yard. Most people have garden decorations. I have a 400 lb chunk of a piano. I also rust stained stripes on a white linen dress with it the other day. Totally cool, and the dress only cost a quarter at the Salvation Army.

The cover shot is for a new magazine called Metro Teen and it's published by the same people who did the other magazine she was on the cover of. There are several pictures of her throughout the magazine too and they all look great! I might be biased.


Rissa said...

She is just LOVELY!!! I almost called you today to see if you wanted to pick a day to schlep to all of the thrift stores with me. Sort of the grown up version of a play date. :-)

Tanya Brown said...

Hey, your daughter's a beauty!

Re: the QuiltArt list, I get worried about jumping on the bandwagon with techniques myself. The quilting world can be really incestuous.

However, you had the idea before it was ever brought up on the list, and if it works for you, it works.