Saturday, September 27, 2008

like a bee

My poor blog looks so neglected! Maybe because it is. Too much drama and crisis in my life lately. 3 funerals in less than 2 weeks, all sudden and newsworthy, and nothing I want to talk about. Just say it's been a couple of weeks of rough going, so I sort of have an excuse for not updating.
Now that I am updating, I have news! I submitted for a corporate art exhibit at a casino being built in Vicksburg and I am officially one of their "inaugural artists" as of yesterday! The stuff hangs in Oct, reception in Jan, and hopefully sold! I've also got to get stuff made for the show at the New Stage Theatre in Jan and Feb. Trying to develop an outline for 2 classes, and I'm the new incoming VP of my 'home' quilt guild! I'm really excited about that, and will write more on it later. My brain is still sort of scattered from the last week or so.
My oldest daughter is on the cover of another magazine and we just got a stack of copies of it so I'll have to scan that and post it.
7 quilts off to the Pinebelt show next week and then a quilt/wallhanging/crib set thing for the sis-in-law's baby, which is expected soon!! Maybe after that I can take a break.


Deb said...

What a rollercoaster you've been on!
Who could blog when life has been so immediate!

Rissa said...

Wow, it really IS a roller coaster. Sorry for your losses and glad for your success at the casino.

Tanya Brown said...

I'm sorry about the stresses, but glad for your successes. (Yuck. That rhymed.)

Wishing you the best -