Monday, May 26, 2008

A memorable Memorial Day!

My new Marine! He graduated Friday at Parris Island, SC and we drove all the way out there to see him. Thursday was family day so we got to see him doing the marching thing and then had about 5 hours to hang out with him on base. We grabbed a bite to eat (he ate like they hadn't fed him for the last 13 weeks!) and then, because my daughter was with us, we went shopping. We hit the museum, the gift shop, several side roads as we got lost a time or two and lots of just aimless wandering as we chatted and caught up on things. The feelings switched back and forth lightning fast between feeling like it had been a year since we talked and feeling like he hadn't been gone a week. He seemed to be glad we made the graduation, although we've been telling him since he left that we'd be there. I think he was a bit worried about how his friends here would receive him when he got back (10 days leave at home before heading to Jacksonville, NC for another month of training) but they seem to have not even noticed he's a Marine. I'm sure there were jokes about the hair, but that's about it.

Aidan was so happy to see him she was practically giddy the whole 3 days. He's trying very hard to maintain his Marine face" and not smile, but he's not having much luck. I think he was as happy to see her as she was to see him. We teased her all weekend about getting a shirt that says "Proud sisterwife of a U.S. Marine." One awkward moment when he was trying to introduce us to his Sgt, but it passed quickly with some laughter. It meant a lot to me when he finally decided the appropriate introduction was "This is my second mom" though.

My "second son." I couldn't be more proud and happy and hopeful for him.

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Anonymous said...

How Wonderful! I know you feel so proud.
Best Wishes and Blessings,