Friday, May 16, 2008

Festival Chairs

We just bought new chairs last week for the RJ fest and they were sort of plain looking. Like all the other hundreds of identical chairs. Soooo......after a great idea from a JazzFester, here is the unveiling of the new and improved festival chair! The quote is used with permission of Funkkiejunkie. Thanks!


Karoda said...

We haven't had a family vacation in a few years and we were looking at doing a Blues tour through the Delta this summer...the gas prices have placed us on hold yet again, but IF by chance we take the leap, is there a really good blues festival/destination you recommend?

Delta said...

The Sunflower River Fest is a really good one. It's in August, and the new BB King museum opens in September. Absolutely let me know when you're coming and we'll meet you at the fest!

Karoda said...

Yesterday I was at the first site you've listed...I'll check the others out.