Saturday, October 20, 2007

Staying Home From Houston challenge

A challenge was issued on the QuiltArt list for those of us not going to Houston to make something without buying any supplies. So I did. The blue is a piece of hand-dyed fabric that was a gift from Thelma Smith, the black is scraps from the burqa I made for my daughter for a sociology project, the rust stained keyboard fabric has been hanging around for months after I experimented with the rusting and darts on it, and I've had the skyline fabrics for several years. This is obviously still in the assembly stage, but it's pretty close to what the final piece will look like. I actually broke down and used Wonder Under on this one too. It's the easiest thing to use for small details in applique and I didn't want the horns to look out of whack without the stability of the WU on them. I've used a small piece of a weird silver mesh cut from a Dollar Tree table runner I got last year in the lamp and I think I'll overlay some of the windows in the buildings with it also. Black binding to finish it. 50x20.


jenclair said...

Beautiful! And Wonder Under, too! I love the colors.

sion said...

love it!

Rissa said...

Oh, cool, I can't wait to see it in person. We all loved that rust-dyed piano keyboard fabric! You seem to respond well to challenges.

Speaking of which, you have been tagged for a meme...the details are on my blog. LOL